Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Teamcenter SOA : Introduction

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework is offered by many enterprise product vendor due to its advantage of interoperability as well reusability.  Also due to service based framework based on buisness use case maje SOA API are easy to use as it hide all complexity to Application Developer. Teamcenter also offer SOA framework for customization as well for integration with other Application. In series of Blog's I will provide detail concept of Teamcenter SOA framework and creating your own SOA based on Tc SOA Framework.
Teamcenter UA SOA :
Teamcenter provide SOA framework as well set of out of box SOA service for direct consumption. Teamcenter SOA can be basically used in two ways.
1)      Using OOTB SOA service as SOA client.
2)      Creating your own SOA which can consume by others.
Teamcenter SOA support following language presently C#, C++ and Java. Development can be done in any of above language either using OOTB SOA service for Application Development or developing your own SOA for other developer usage. The list of SOA service can be seen in BMIDE under extension -> Code Generation->Services. It provides all the list of Service available for given Teamcenter environment. Also you can get all detail of Data Type and Operation corresponding to SOA services in the BMIDE as shown in below image. We will discuss in detail about Data Type and Operation in future blogs.

Teamcenter SOA Framework:
Teamcenter SOA service Framework provide set of connection protocol like HTTP, Corba and auto generated stub in the  server  as well Data Model to support client application. SOA server architecture resides above Business Object layer (AOM layer). SOA server code can call ITK API to perform business logic as shown in below diagram.
Teamcenter SOA is set of API or programming interface used for application developer. The API libraries are present  in file on the Teamcenter software distribution image. The libraries are present inside soa_client for respective supported programming language Java, C++ and C#. This ZIP required to be extracted preferably in TC_ROOT folder for linking Application code which usage SOA service. also contain some sample SAO code in all supported language.We will see in my next blog how to use SOA API , establish connection through SOA and use OOTB SOA services.

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